Just a heads up that I booked my next FOX News Red Eye appearance.  So set your DVRs or stay up late and catch me on Wednesday night/Thursday morning at 3 AM!  


My weekly NHL Power 10 ranking for Breitbart Sports went up late last night.  Check it out, share, and tell me how right (or wrong) you think I am!

Breitbart Sports, Hockey and Me

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

The newest addition to the Breitbart.com family of kick-ass websites is Breitbart Sports (fulfilling Andrew’s dream of having a sports based Breitbart site).  I pleased to announce that I am writing a weekly NHL Power 10 column for Breitbart Sports.  It will go up late every Friday night, so be sure to look for it!

Here is my latest Breitbart Sports NHL Power 10, read it, like it, and share it!


Check out my latest for MoreThanAFan.net and find out why the NHL lockout is like a Bill Murray movie and why they should bring in Dr. Phil to mediate this damn thing.  Check it out here now!

My latest piece for More Than A Fan:

OK, so maybe I haven’t learned to love the NHL lockout, but I have learned to stop worrying so much about it.  I mean why should I – just a lowly fan – be worried about the NHL season being cancelled when it is abundantly clear that Gary Bettman, the owners, Donald Fehr and the players aren’t at all worried.

Even though all parties involved knew that the prior collective bargaining agreement (CBA) was set to expire on September 15th of this year, the two sides didn’t even bother meeting for the first time until June 29th.  The NHL owners didn’t bother putting their first offer on the table (a wholly ridiculous non-starter) until July 13thand the NHL Players Association (NHLPA) didn’t bother putting their first offer on the table (an equally ridiculous non-starter) until August 14th.


My scheduled appearance on FOX News Red Eye for tonight has been pushed back till next Thursday night/Friday morning 3 AM.  So if you were planning on staying up late to see my smiling mug, you will have to wait till next week!  Set you DVRs accordingly.

Check out my first article for More Than A Fan (a really great sports site that I am now writing for) – it covers the latest public affairs fiasco for my Pittsburgh Pirates.  READ IT HERE!

Just an FYI to folks, I will be on FOX News Red Eye on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning at 3 AM!  Set your DVRs or stay up late to see what crazy crap I say.

Now to decide what to wear…  Pens? Pirates? Steelers? Shirtless?


I am on the train headed to NYC for FOX News Red Eye tonight!  So set your DVRs or stay up late (3 am) to see me, Greg, Andy, Bill and the rest of the gang…

Tonight, I am going all-in for charity.  I am rocking my Movember mustache as part of my effort to raise money for men’s cancer AND rocking my Hockey Kicks Cancer shirt to help raise money to fight leukemia and lymphoma!

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Stay up late or set your DVRs for FOX News next Monday night/Tuesday early morning at 3 AM to catch me on Red Eye.  The Movember stache, which is somewhere between Henrik Lundqvist and Little Finger from Game of Thrones, will be in full effect.  Not to mention, I will be rocking a kick ass Hockey Kicks Cancer shirt!  Tune in kids!